Chris Tucker “Confirms” Rush Hour 4


It’s been absolutely ages (Over 10 years!), but fans of the Rush Hour films can finally rejoice – It looks like the team of Carter and Lee are back together!

Late last year, Chan revealed that they were in talks with scriptwriters to bring a fourth film to the big screen, but now Tucker seemingly has confirmed they’ve received a “green light”.

Being interviewed on ESPNs The Plug, Tucker was asked if he and Chan would ever team up again and he responded by saying “It’s happening”.

Elaborating, he went on to say “This will be the Rush of all Rushes. Jackie is ready and we want to so this so people don’t ever forget it”.

Rush Hour first came out in 1998, with a sequel appearing in 2001 and a third movie released in 2007. Rumors are swirling that Chan and Tucker have persuaded their original director/writer Jeff Nathanson to return with them, meaning, if true, this promises to be one of the biggest movies of the year!

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