Uclan Students To Probe Spending

Uclan Students are a savy bunch – This time putting council funding under the microscope and assessing where’s best to cut and save.

The University of Central Lancashire have teamed up with Open Data in Manchester on a nationwide scheme to investigate into council’s budgets and funding programmes. Uclan’s team of Staff and Students attended the Bureau of Investigative Journalism in Manchester to examine the budget data for half of England’s 353 councils to discover what will and won’t be funded ahead of the Government’s next cuts to local government.

Dr Francois Nel, a Journalism tutor at Uclan, said; “This illustrates a seismic shift in the way large scale data-driven journalism is made – coordinated by non-profits, like the Bureau of Investigate Journalism, and involving a wide range of organisations and concerned citizens working inside, outside and alongside traditional news organisations”.

Are you a Uclan student and wish to take part in this process? Please speak to Dr Nel in the Greenbank Building.

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