Uclan SU Nominations Now Open

It’s an important time of the year for Uclan’s SU as nominations are now open for students to become School Presidents and Course Reps.

What does a School President do? They’re are at the forefront of making students’ lives better. They focus on having conversations with Course Reps and Students, trying to understand the issues they face and how we can tackle them.

Besides being the face of representation and democracy in their Schools, School Presidents act as a liaison between staff and students, working with all parties to make academic change happen.. Slowly, often, but always effective.

Course Reps work closely with students and represent them at a Course level. From changing deadlines to working in partnership with staff to improve teaching, Course Reps are the gems of representation and Student Voice. During my time at University, our Course Rep actually pushed back a deadline by two weeks!

If you’re a current Uclan student and are interested in the opportunity to become an active voice within your community, have a look over the following T&Cs before signing up;

Your responsibilities will be:

– Attending meetings and committees within the University and Students’ Union;

– Having continuous conversations with your constituents, supporting and empowering them to take charge of their degrees;

– Organising or supporting campaigns to improve students’ academic experience.

– Gathering feedback from course mates on all academic matters

– Represent students’ views at meetings with Course or Module Leaders and work closely with this staff to improve the course

– Represent students’ views at a School level at Student-Staff Liaison Committees and input into wider academic changes within the School

If you think you have what it takes, if you love democracy as much as we do and are ready to make change happen, then nominate yourself now!

If there is one thing you will change today, why not change your future?

Nominations are open until Saturday 3rd March, 11.59pm but don’t wait around! Talk to the students in your course and find out what they’d like to see change, get your manifesto ready and put your nomination in!

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