Why is Ashton called Ashton? #StupidQuestions

Late Saturday afternoon, I was pottering around the house and watching some tele. Disappointed by reruns of The Chase and Tipping Point, I started to scroll through my twitter when the most bizarre status update ever greeted my eyes..

What a stupid question.

Even I didn’t think it was possible for Ashton to be named after “Ash”. So, I started doing some digging.. and it turns out that we’ve got the Ashton family to thank!

According to Neil McDonald, the Ashton family “owned cotton mills and brought wall paper production to Lancashire during the Industrial revolution”. The memorial park at Lancaster was built by the same people”.


However, a slight twist came into fruition when Darran Kellett mentioned “The settlement of Ashton-On-Ribble was recorded in the Doomsday Book (A book collected in 1066 to find out the country’s population). The family were called Euston, and their name has evolved to become Ashton”.

So.. Which one is it? We’re going to contact a few historians and find out.

Or, we’ll just let you decide on our Facebook page in a poll…

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