Personal Profile – Isaak Daglish

Surely you have heard about the 3ft 7 Parabadminton Olympic champion…
In he walks, with a Great Britain tracksuit, very confidently welcomes me to his “home” where he trains badminton every day.
Isaak Daglish is a fascination teenager at the age of only 17, is part of the GB’s Parabadminton team where he’s recently back in October won a silver medal after losing in the final to the world number 1 Alexandr Mekhdiev of Russia.
At the height of 3ft 7, he still attends college and lives a normal life. You might sit there and think that’s “easy” because they “should be used to it,” but really it’s been a constant battle for Isaak. Since the age of 12, Isaak found it hard to walk down the streets without noticing people’s eyes opening wide when they see him. Born a dwarf, his mum and dad, who he lives with in Bolton in the North West, has always supporting him through everything. He describes them as his “rock” and his “everything”.
Going through High School, Isaak’s struggles continued as all his friends were growing and getting taller with each passing year and Isaak of course not reaching the same heights. His friends however, never made him feel any different and continued their great friendship throughout high school. Talking about his time at high school, Isaak says: “that was the time where I felt like I turned a corner as my mates really made me feel like one of them and not any different. It made me feel confident in myself and wasn’t worried about anyone looking at me because I knew I was much more than just a dwarf”.
Moving on to the subject of the start of his successful badminton career, Isaak’s face really lights up and you can see his passion. He continues: “as soon as I left High School, my career took a big turn as I felt like mentally I was a lot stronger now and could completely turn my focus to my training”. Daglish upped his training and his performances in the league matches that he plays every week. He quickly started to gain a lot of attention as his passion on court to win and do better was not seen in anyone his age and especially in his circumstances, of course. It was down to just “focusing on what’s important” for Daglish as he won himself a trail for the GB team ahead of the Parabadminton Games in Wales in October 2015. After receiving the call about the trial, he didn’t get excited or over his own head as he knuckled down and prepared himself so he’s at his best for the trial and hopefully get a place in the GB roster.
It was seen as a big deal as there has never been a Parabadminton champion in North West and especially not in Bolton. Born in Wigan, his family moved to Bolton in search for better schools for Isaak. In the mix of looking for schools, they located the Badminton centre not far away from where they lived and that’s how Isaak initially got into Badminton.
Fast-forward five years down the line, Isaak is at appreciation for the decision to move to Bolton as it’s what took his career to the “next level”. Isaak goes on to say: “I will always be grateful to my parents for everything they have done for me and the decisions they took when I was a little kid as it’s now paying dividend”.
Stepping up to serve to start the final, Daglish said he was in the “biggest moment of his life” and he could feel what an opportunity this was. Daglish of course, went on to lose the final but took the silver medal home which was an amazing achievement. After the loss, Isaak finished off by saying: “I was disappointment with myself as I felt like there wasn’t a lot of gap between us but I did prove a lot of things to myself and my family so I was very happy”.

Here he is, posing with his silver medal with his fellow GB team.

But it doesn’t end here, Isaak is now already looking forward to the next tournament in hope to finally capture the gold medal and become the most talked about Parabadminton champion in the Northwest.

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