IT’S FACT; Pizza For Breakfast Is Good For You


If you’re in that awkward stage of life (Between being a child and a fully-fledged adult), chances are that you’ll be sucking on a slice of Pizza in the morning. I do. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, even though society says constantly – “You should eat a nice, healthy bit of porridge in the morning”.

Anyway. It’s been revealed today that the average slice of Pizza contains the same amount of calories as a bowl of cereal. Chelsey Amer, Ms, RDN, CDN, PMS, Etc said; “Pizza packs a much larger protein punch, which will keep you full and satisfied throughout the morning”.

So.. Let’s analyse this. Not only is a slice of Pizza for breakfast the SAME as a bowl of Cereal (And requires less effort to eat – No cleaning your beard after eating), but it also keeps you fuller for longer.

Finally – If it couldn’t get any better, Amer says; “Pizza carries more fat and less sugar than a bowl of cereal, meaning you’re less likely to experience a sugar rush”.


John Nicoll

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