Student Safety Tips!

One in five students will be a victim of crime during their time at University, according to the National Union of Students.

So we thought, as we’re really nice people, that we would share our top student security tips!

1) First and foremost (this may seem an obvious one), lock your doors and windows – especially at night. The majority of on-campus burglaries happen due to open windows and doors showing off that brand new Ipad you’ve left lying on the bed, and allows anyone including your flat-mates the chance to get in and out before you know it.

2) Don’t leave anything valuable in plain sight! Thieves are likely to steal your technology before anything else, and laptops, in particular, are like catnip for the sticky-fingered b*****ds. If you can hide anything under the bed or in a drawer then make sure you use it; I know it will be annoying to do this everytime you leave the house but trust us, it’s worth it.

3) Figure out what insurance you have. Some banks offer insurance as part of their service, but knowing exactly what that covers is important. On average £900 worth of goods has to be replaced after a student-break-in. The right insurance means even though you’ve lost that work you haven’t got round to starting yet, you will be able to apply for an extension on a new laptop.

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