Being In A Relationship Makes You Fat, Says Science…

Science has been on.. and says that being in a relationship is making you fat.

According to Scientists at the Central Queensland University in Australia, “People in relationships, on average, weigh more than single people”… On average.

The theory, which is totally ridiculous, is based on the assumption that, when you’re “loved up”, you don’t need to impress anyone and basically don’t worry about your weight as much – Which, to me, sounds the total opposite.

The Lead Scientist working on this study, Stephanie Schoeppe, said; “When couples don’t need to look attractive and slim, they may feel more comfortable in eating more”.

“When couples have children in their household, they tend to eat the childrens leftovers and snacks”.

Bulls.. Wait, there must be some validity in the claim. They assessed 10 years worth of data from 15,000 participants. Does this reflect you?

John Nicoll

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