Suspected Knife Attack In Avenham!

This afternoon an innocent bystander found a man ‘bleeding profusely’ following an apparent knife attack in Avenham Park, Preston.

Thomas Hustler, a contributor to Preston Hub, told us ‘I was walking home past the shop near great Avenham street when a man bleeding profusely from a cut on his face asked me if I had a towel. I ran home to get a towel and when I’d got back he was arguing with another man in the street whilst a woman called the police, she mentioned a knife.’

According to Tom, the attack happened at roughly 18:15 Wednesday evening and while the unnamed woman was on the phone to police she described the assailant as wielding ‘the biggest knife she’d ever seen.’

Both the victim’s and attackers identity are currently unknown. We have contacted Lancashire Police for more information and will ask anyone who may have information regarding this attack to contact the police on 101 or 01772 614444.

More information to follow…

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