Preston People Remember Easter Memories.. In Preston

Here at Preston Hub, we’re happy members of the Preston Chit-Chat facebook group – A great forum for Prestonians to talk and reminisce on days gone by. Today, the subject of Easter memories came up with Denise Fletcher asking “What are your memories of Easter Eggs? They’re rubbish these days!”.. That’s because they’re mostly plastic and wrapping!

Denise continued; “We were eggs-galore. I always had one from my Aunty that has my name on from Thorntons and many more. There was always something exciting with the eggs like a toy or a mug”.

Simon Brade chipped in; “My brothers and I were spoilt for eggs – we had more chocolate in our house than Cadbury’s factory. We would always make hard-boiled eggs than paint/dye them and roll them down the hill with 1/2 the population of Preston”.

Marie shares the same memory; “Painting eggs and making an Easter bonnet with mum and nana. Going to Avenham park after”.

Finally.. Darren Sutton brings down the tone by saying “We never had any”. Awh. Sad.

John Nicoll

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