Carnival Committee Flying To Funds!

Sian Blackburn is raising money for this years Preston Caribbean Carnival by braving the fastest zip wire in Europe!

Last year’s Caribbean Carnival saw the return of the traveling float parade after a crucial fundraising campaign from the carnival’s committee.

In 2018 the committee wants to raise the steaks even higher and create a truly memorable year for the Caribbean Carnival, which takes place on Moor Park in June.

Sian alongside Colleen Francis, Dave Williams, and Julia Russel have all volunteered to raise money by tackling the most fearsome zip line in Europe. The team has asked for donations which will go towards supporting the running and security costs of the carnival in the build-up to the big day!

Fundraising is a vital part of making the historic Preston event take place, as the Carnival only receives funding for the artistic aspects of the carnival; which means money has to be raised to support the infrastructure of the day.

Sian admits she is ‘petrified’ of the thought of riding the zip wire but is passionate about fundraising, and she hopes that the people of Preston can support the carnival members by checking out her GoFundMe page! (Which you can find here >

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