Slice Of Sicily Sign Destroyed As Restaurant Closes?

The future of Garstang’s Slice Of Sicily is unknown as residents report seeing “Closure” signs on it’s front door.

The popular Pizzeria, situated on Garstang Road in Catterall, apparently closed its doors last Monday with a notice on the front door explaining it’s closure.

The notice, placed by The Sheriffs Office, explains that “Under the terms and conditions of your lease, we as authorised on behalf of the landlord have this day re-entered the premises and the lease is terminated”.

“Any attempts by you to enter will result in criminal/civil proceedings being taken against you”.

Etty Criscenti, restaurant owner, says; “We are reopening next week. There was just a misunderstanding between us and the landlord. I can’t say much more than that”.

John Nicoll

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