Preston Food Bank Desperate For Donations!

A Preston food bank is desperate for donations due to an unprecedented demand in the area, leaving shelves bare.

An official SOS call has been sent out ahead of the Universal Credit benefit system being introduced to Lancashire and other northern parts of the country.

Normally able to hand out as many as 450 packages a month, it is currently down to the last few tins. One charity worker at the Preston foodbank feared a “perfect storm” next month, as the timing coincided with the start of the school holidays – a time when many struggles to feed their families.

Natalie Thomas, a volunteer at the Salvation Army centre in Harrington Street, said, ‘We are desperate. It is probably the worst situation we have ever been in.

‘But it is likely to get even worse in July with Universal Credit and the holidays causing even more hardship. “I don’t know how we will get through it without some urgent help.’

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