Owner of Theatre Street Bar & Grill Given Unfair £8000 Fine

The owner of a popular City Centre restaurant has been served a large fine after driving down the Fishergate bus lane more than 130 times.

Chris Maughan, owner of A Mano’s and Theatre Street Bar and Grill, has been sent letters requesting £8,000 for 130 PCN’s.

Chris’ business is based on Theatre Street, opposite No.10 Hotel, and is only accessible via the no-go stretch of Fishergate.

Chris said; “I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been done by the cameras.”

“They know I’m constantly travelling between here and our other restaurant – Yet they have still billed me for ££8,000. I’ve also had letters from a debt collection agency.”

Lancashire County Council have replied to say they have a list of vehicles exempt from the charge, which includes emergency services, bin lorries and others for whom a special case can be argued.

Chris also asserts that Theatre Street Bar and Grill have lost customers due to the bus lanes. “We’ve lost thousands because customers can’t get here during the day”, he said.

John Nicoll

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