Have You Tried Finos? Brand New Restaurant Is Amazing!

Fino’s is the new Spanish tappas restaurant opened up on Wilfred Street in the city centre.

With every review on their Facebook page a solid five stars, we knew we’d have to check it out – and they most certainly did not disappoint.

Unsure of what to choose I let the chef select some dishes for me, and boy am I glad I did!

I was presented with some options that I most likely wouldn’t have chosen myself, particularly dishes containing pepper, as I’m not the biggest fan.

To start, I was brought a selection of dips to accompany pitta bread.

These dips included hummus with a red pepper twist, and a red pepper and feta dip.

I loved all of the dips including the hummus, and I don’t even like hummus usually.

I was then given some chorizo croquets, patatas bravas, and salt cod balls with aioli dip.

All three dishes were delicious and simply melted in my mouth.

Dishes of sardines and quail were then offered to me having been cooked in the huge wood-burning oven, which definitely brought out the flavours.

Both dishes were exquisite.

The quail was so beautifully tender and tasty it was unquestionably impeccable.

All of the above was washed down with their house rosé and I believe at the time I likened it to silk down my throat.

Personally I tend to sip wine and rosé as I find it very strong, but I could have quite happily glugged down their house rosé.

For dessert they gave me doughnuts filled with I think custard or cream (I’m not sure as it was too delicious to care), on a chocolate sauce bed with strawberries.

The dish was divine and I’m impressed that their chefs managed to make doughnuts, which is typically a bland dish, so wonderful.

All in all I can’t recommend this place enough!

By Maria Jacovou

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