Today Is National “Get Out Of The Doghouse Day”.. Are you in someone’s bad books?

Have you recently wronged someone and they’ve put you “in the doghouse.” Or, is there someone you haven’t spoken to for a while that you’ve put in the doghouse yourself? Today is for mending the strained relationships that have left some in doghouses. The day was started in 1999 by Heidi Richards Mooney, who created it in part to help her floral business. What better way is there to help get yourself out of the doghouse then to buy the person who put you there some flowers?

How to celebrate the day…

Celebrate the day by repairing relationships so that no one is left in a doghouse. Have you put someone there? Let them know they are forgiven for whatever got them there. Are you in the doghouse? Spend some time talking to the person who put you there, and try to straighten things out. Ultimately, the best way for everyone to get out of the doghouse is to talk out their issues.

John Nicoll

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