Churchill; A Man That Won A War

A man that won a war, saved a nation from tyranny and is revered by many, though vilified by some. That man is Winston Churchill. He presided over the British Empire during the desperate struggle of the Second World War. Some argue that he should hang his head in shame due to his racist and sexist and therefore his achievements should be therefore vilified too. Yet, whilst the man himself was fallible, his achievements and what he stood for have withstood criticism and time to be an imprint on the British mind-set.

Churchill is still as relevant today as he has been for the last almost century. His rhetoric of never surrender is something that many politicians believe Theresa May should be espousing when tackling the issue of Brexit. Churchill’s belief in the need for unity in Europe is continued by his old party’s adversary Jeremy Corbyn. The fact that Blenheim Palace, the birthplace of Churchill was chosen as the meeting place for Donald Trump’s first official meeting with Theresa May in the UK shows even more that Churchill’s presence and importance is still shown in politics today.

With the success of ‘Darkest Hour’, ‘Dunkirk’ and ‘The Crown’ Churchill is kept at the forefront of British consciousness, as a maverick hero of sorts. Of course, there are always faults with an individual. But as a student of History and Politics and now a teacher of History, I cannot help but feel pride in our 62nd Prime-Minister and his achievements. Yes, of course I acknowledge that he was a product of his time, when views were different and that these are not acceptable to today. Yet, he was the man that was needed then, and his rhetoric and charisma is something that is certainly needed now.

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