Eamonn Holmes told he’s ‘a heart attack waiting to happen’ on TV

A weight loss expert has told Eamonn Holmes that he is “a heart attack waiting to happen.”

In a discussion surrounding fat-shaming on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, weight loss expert Steve Miller warned the Northern Ireland presenter about his weight.

Holmes was filling in on the breakfast show when co-presenter Kate Garraway asked Miller what would he say to the 58-year-old.

“Eamonn comes in, he says he’s got a bit of a sore throat, or whatever, and he’s having tummy ache or whatever your moan might be,” said Garraway.

Holmes pre-empted the answer by saying Miller would tell him his life would improve if he lost two-and-a-half or three stone.

Miller agreed with Holmes, adding: “I would also say to Eamonn that he is too fat. And he is a heart attack waiting to happen.”

Holmes stated that he agreed with Miller’s assessment.

John Nicoll

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