Mamma Mia Fever Hits Preston

Who would have thought it? Pierce Brosnan attempting to sing, alongside Mr Darcy dancing to 1970’s cheesiest hits by ABBA, is causing cinema goers to spend their hard-earned cash to see the sequel to 2008’s hit film, ‘Mamma Mia’. It seems that the songs of ABBA are still as entertaining as they were when their first song ‘Waterloo’ premiered at the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest.

The movie is proving so popular that it is currently being shown more times a day than Tom Cruise’s new blockbuster ‘Mission Impossible: Fallout’ in Preston! Perhaps it is the way that the film appeals to every generation of filmgoer? The music of ABBA is timeless, no matter the connotations of it today, making it accessible to the youngest and oldest members of the audience. Perhaps it is the stellar cast, including national treasures Julie Walters and Colin Firth that appeal to the older generation who remember Firth as Mr Darcy, or the younger generation who recognise them as Molly Weasley and an agent of Kingsman. The other theory is that it is the story that connects the generations, as ever, a love story entwined around the fortunes of several characters with interluded singing.

Whatever it is, having spoken to several people leaving the Vue in Preston after seeing the film, reactions to the film are overwhelmingly positive. ‘The story shows that life goes on, even after tragedy’ says on cinemagoer. Another simply said that the film was ‘Fantastic.’

I won’t spoil the film, or the tragedy held within the first 4 minutes, but I will say that it is a film that is designed to make you exit the cinema happy and excited about your own life. After the lack of football success, the return of grey clouds and the possibility of a looming ‘No Deal Brexit’, this film is what Preston needs.

Jamie Wade

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