Rock FM’s Graham Swift Continues Fitness Journey

Blog 3 I’ve really enjoyed doing these past couple of blogs and the messages/ comments of support have been amazing, thank you! The third week seemed more difficult compared to the first two, the novelty and newness of going the gym had slightly warn off and i started to crave things like pizzas, chicken nuggets and Irn Bru!
I’ll be honest.. I have allowed myself one beer per week to watch with the footy!

Overall, I do feel like i have more energy as a result of drinking water and eating better. I’ve (Somehow) managed to find the motivation and drive to go to Places 3 times that week. I explained to Adam during my session how i was feeling, it felt good to kinda get it off my chest and working out also help me release some of the stress. During the work out, we were doing some boxing combinations and introducing new things in like as well as me throwing punches he would return them and i had to duck out of the way. At first i was really swerving and diving away from the returns, Adam laughed and said “No, Graham, you just need to duck down, don’t swerve and lean back like Floyd Mayweather, to which i replied, “Well Adam, when a pro heavyweight boxer is throwing punches at you, my heads telling me to get the hell out of the way”. Doing this whole “dieting and gym thing” for a couple of weeks has made me realise long term, that to make a complete success of it and to maintain everything, it’s a total lifestyle change that i need to do and when you think about it that way, with suffering with anxiety its very daunting. The real positive thing I’ve really noticed in myself so far is a vast improvement so far in my own mental well being, i feel a lot better and can start to see a spark of light at the end of this dark road. Thank you again to Adam and all the team at Places Gym Preston and also i cant forget John from the Preston Hub. Don’t forget If any of you want to tweet me during the week which i know a few of you have which is great or you can check out my instagram, mysocial media links are below. Speak soon, GrahamTwitter @graham_swift Instagram: @grahamswiftofficial

Anthony Gilmour

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