Ant Man and The Wasp – Review

Marvel’s latest caper, the sequel to 2015’s ‘Ant Man’ was released yesterday, with Paul Rudd returning as Scott Lang whose alter ego ‘Ant Man’ teams up with Evangeline Lilly who reprises her role as Hope Van Dyne. This time however, Hope takes the mantle of the other titular character, ‘The Wasp’. For the first time in a Marvel movie, a female superhero is given the same honour as their male counterpart; their name in the title.

Also returning to their roles are Michael Douglas and Michael Peña. Douglas returns as Hank Pym, a weary and tired inventor, intent on saving his wife from the Quantum Realm, a place that exists between atoms. Peña returns as Luis, Lang’s hapless sidekick. This time however, following the events of one of the ridiculous number of Marvel films, Luis is in charge due to Scott’s incarceration following the events of Marvel’s Civil War.

Newcomers to the franchise are Janet Van Dyne, played by the globally famous Michelle Pfeiffer, who is Pym’s lost wife, which the plot of the film revolves around the search for.  The notable addition is British actress Hannah John-Kamen, playing the tragic villain, Ghost. Sadly, I cannot say anything else about this villain for fear of spoilers, however, Marvel seem to have finally found a villain that you can pity and understand their motives.

Following on from Avengers Infinity War was always going to be a tough job. However, Ant Man and The Wasp manages to stay true to the original’s fun, comedic take on an ever-darkening Marvel Cinematic Universe, whilst connecting to overarching arc of every Marvel film.

If you’re still reeling after the events of Infinity War, this film is the perfect offering to curb your Marvel hunger. Remember, after the credits roll, the film continues. There are TWO post credits scenes attached to the film. Remember, they are critical for you to understand where certain characters will begin their story in the next instalment of the Marvel Avengers films.

Wade’s Film Rating: 7.5 out of 10. – A solid entry, but brings nothing new to the Franchise. Feels a bit of a filler for the Avengers films at times, but ultimately pays off with a great cast and genuine story. Of course, every Marvel nut like me, has to see it before the next Marvel instalment.

Jamie Wade

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