Kelly Brook warns: Don’t ask women why they don’t have children

In a recent interview, Kelly Brook has revealed that she is sometimes made to feel selfish because she does not have children at the age of 38. She also criticised people who ask women why they are not mothers.

Brook lost her baby when she was around six months pregnant in 2011 while in a relationship with former rugby player Thom Evans, and had another miscarriage several months later.

She was on ITV’s Loose Women and said the following: “Obviously people always ask me – my biological clock is ticking, I’m approaching 40 – and people say, ‘well, when are you going to have children?’


“And I have to say, ‘I have tried to have children, I just haven’t been lucky’. I’ve had several miscarriages, and when you ask that question to someone, you’ve got to think, there might be a medical reason why they’re not having children.

“It’s not because I’m flying around the world and I’m a selfish person and I don’t want to have a family.”

Asked by Nadia Sawalha, host of Loose Women, if it makes her feel selfish, Brook said: “Sometimes, yes. I think people need to understand… they look at you like, ‘are you ever going to have kids? Why aren’t you having kids?’

“I never have the right answer because I never want to go into it, it’s never anybody’s business.”

Panellist Denise van Outen was on her side, agreeing with her that asking women why they have no children, or just one child, is “too personal”.

John Nicoll

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