KSI vs Logan Paul: The Biggest Fight In History?

Boxing has taken a strange turn this weekend as Youtube super-stars KSI and Logan Paul meet in the ring.

A fight that has been labelled the ‘biggest in internet history’ whatever that means will be expected to generate over a million pay-per-view buys.

To put that into context, the fight is expected to achieve similar numbers to last year’s unified heavyweight championship fight between Anthony Joshua and Vladimir Klitschko.

KSI, the British based YouTuber, has built an impressive audience of 19 million through his videos.

Meanwhile, American opposition Logan Paul, retains an audience of 15 million despite mass criticism for filming a suicide victim in Japan.

At this point, you might be thinking ‘why the hell are we talking about this’? Well, people care, like, a lot.

The last YouTube ‘championship’ between KSI and Joe Weller ended up being watched more than 20 million times.

Which is why it is our guess as to why this whole thing is even happening.

KSI cleverly called out the American at the end of his last fight, probably realising that the crossover audience generated would increase his profile.

A bigger profile means a bigger audience, which in the world of begging for views and likes, (btw don’t forget to share this article) means more money.

The 02 arena in London is expected to be a sellout on the night and will likely be a hostile environment for Logan.

But as the bigger man and with a solid high-school wrestling career behind him, KSI will have his hands full.

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