Why Is Knife Crime Rising?

Crime rates are at a record low since 1985, so why is it we are seeing a rise in knife crime?

Over the weekend a teenager was stabbed in the leg outside of Home Bargains in Preston City Center.

This adds to several high profile stabbings that have happened in the City over the last six months.

The North West has become one of the most likely places to see knife violence outside of London, which is largely down to high levels of crime in Greater Manchester.

However, there is no denying that we have seen extraordinary rises in stabbings within our area.

The government believe that the increase is due to a rise in drug dealing related crime, with gangs becoming more thirsty for profits.

While Police have asked for an increase in staffing levels, with thousands of jobs and services cut across the country over the last 10 years.

Punishments for knife crime have become more severe in recent years, as offenders are serving roughly 20% more jail time.

The government also plans to implement new plans to tackle the rises through calls on social media companies to do more to rid the web of violent gang content, as well as setting out tough restrictions on online sales of knives following concerns that age verification checks can be sidestepped.

Whether these implementations will make any difference will take time to see; but, it is pretty obvious that a declining financial support to Police across the country will make it difficult to stop the rise in knife crime.

Anthony Gilmour

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