Ever Wanted To Be Spider-man? Thanks To Marvel You Can Be!

It was always a boyhood dream to be Spider-man. Yet, no matter how hard I tried, instead of being your friendly neighbourhood super-powered hero, I ended up becoming a very grumpy neighbourhood drunk (Only at the weekends). However, Sony and Insomniac has answered every fanboy’s dream, after many years of waiting, and created a truly authentic Spider-man game.

Generations of disappointing games coming from a variety of developers, Spider-Man has finally found his place again in gaming history. Whether its web-swinging through New York City or a compelling character-driven story campaign, this game seems to have it all.

Thanks to the input from Marvel Studios which has taken the creative lead on the project, the Spider-man story seems to hold everything a Marvel fan would desire. There seems to be no page left unturned in comic book history, with the story delving into Spider-man’s rich backstory and timeless characters and heroics. The story so compelling that I find myself wasting time just trying to find out the intricacies of Peter and Mary-Jane’s relationship. The life of Peter Parker, Spider-man’s alter ego, is just as important as his heroics.

With a flurry of familiar characters entering the story throughout, whether they be Otto Octavius or Miles Morales there seems to be no stopping this powerhouse of a game. With over 20 hours of story, the game continues to develop and impress the player throughout the full play time. There is of course a wide array of side missions and collectables to explore and collect in New York City, an expansive open hub, beautifully recreated and filled with Marvel Easter eggs.

Of course, the major point of interest and enjoyment of any Spider-man game is the web swinging. Insomniac have perfected this down to a T. Everything from jumping off of the Empire State building, diving and swinging to gain momentum and speed, or simply traversing through the city of New York, there seems to be a fluidity and acrobatic edge to all of Spider-man’s movements.

Impressively the combat system of the game consists of more than just simple button mashing. There are now gadgets and gizmos, alongside an upgradeable suit. I usually find games such as Spider-man rely on a variety of simply pressing the same button followed by interactive cutscenes where a player presses more buttons. Thankfully the game has the finesse that you would expect from a flagship Spider-man game. Combat is far less frantic than previous games, faultlessly allowing the use of interactive environments which you can use to damage enemies with.

Boss battles are strangely placed, with most of the boss battles are the heavily laden at the beginning or the end of the game. However, this does not stop the games pacing. The story of the game, coupled of with the combat mechanics and flawless web swinging make for a very immersive and very satisfying game.

Given that the DLC for the game which is priced at £122 will be coming out over the next few months, there will no doubt be even more talk of the game that has already been labelled the game of 2018. Sadly for Xbox users and non-PlayStation console gamers, there will be no way to satisfy the cravings of being Spider-man. Unfortunately, they will have to fork out for an expensive PS4 or hope that one-day Spider-man may truly return to all consoles. However given the licence that Sony has over Spider-man and the fact that it is currently a PlayStation exclusive, any hope that it returns to other consoles other than PlayStation 4 is probably unfounded at best.

In conclusion, Spider-Man on PlayStation 4 is the definitive Spider-man game for any gamer. There seems to be no stopping this title and I hope that it doesn’t get stopped either. For the first time in a long, long time, I feel like I’m living my childhood again. Swinging my way through the New York streets, jumping off of the Empire State Building and more importantly kicking baddies ass, it seems I’ve finally realised; I can be grumpy and drunk at the weekends, but still be one hell of a Spider-man.

Jamie Wade

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