Have You Seen This “Mammoth”.. ?

You’re A Better You When You’ve Had A Better Nights Sleep…

We spend 33% of our day in bed, which is nearly 1/3rd of our life. Over the past few years, numerous bed manufacturers have been working on something called “The Science Of Comfort” to give us peak-comfort in bed.

Comfort means better sleep and a better quality of life. According to Mammoth, to be “Comfortable” means free from pain and constraint, with the body and mind being completely “at ease”. While many companies have tried to figure out the Science of Comfort, Mammoth have gone further in the quest to sleep easily. Their beds stop you from getting too hot, give you improved blood circulation and help your posture.

Their mattresses are backed up with a 10-year guarantee which is 3 years longer than the average bed. People from a variety of professions use Mammoth including Penny Grayson, Flight Commander in the RAF. She says; “I have been using Mammoth mattresses since 2012 and they have revolutionised my sleeping experience. I wake up after a tough shift feeling refreshed and ready to go again”.

Boasting that you will fall asleep 29% quicker, Mammoth have cracked the Science of Comfort! In Preston, German Bedrooms For Less have a range of Mammoth mattresses to choose from – Have a look online today at www.PrestonsBedrooms.com or visit their showroom on Millennium City Park near the M6.

John Nicoll

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