Time To Get Back In The Gym?

So it’s time to talk about something that many people either hate or many people either love.

That place? It’s the gym. Now you might go to the gym for a variety of reasons. It could be because you need to lose some weight, it might be because you need to put on a bit of muscle, or you’re simply wanting to tone up.

Given the news that one in five British people are obese, I thought it a prime time to focus an article on gyms and fitness; though in reality it’s probably just an excuse for me to moan about having to go to the gym.

Now for me, my reasons are all of the above. Having been single for a while now, getting on top of work, and making sure that I have something to keep me busy in the dark hours of the upcoming winter, I wanted a little project.

I want to be a better version or myself. Now as tacky as that sounds, (trust me I know) I just want to make sure that I don’t have a beer belly, which is tough given the amount I drink.

So I joined a gym. Shock horror? I started to realise the gym work can actually be quite fun. Considering that I was such a gymophobe in my youth, hating any form of exercise especially cross country, this came as a great shock. However this may just be the honeymoon period of starting at a gym, but what I’m trying to say is the use of gyms are a great opportunity to get healthy, particularly just before the festive period begins as we head into autumn.

Is it important to realise that gyms are not as expensive as they once were. Instead of having to fork out £40 a month, instead, you can get memberships from £10.99 a month at a variety of gyms in Preston. This means that fitness classes and machinery are cheaper and easier to access, so if you are fancying losing a bit of weight, take a look at some of Preston’s local gyms and leisure centres.

Yes, I am aware that many of you will be sat there moaning about how gyms just aren’t your thing. To be honest they’re not mine either. I will probably be hanging by my neck off of some machinery, or, I will probably have got my leg, arm or foot trapped in some sort of machine. So if my articles come to a sudden end, you know why. I met my end at the hands of a gym.

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