Hate Crime Is On The Rise; What Can We Do?

Preston Council wants hate crime to include alternative sub-cultures such as Goths, as we see a rise in reported hate crimes.

According to the LEP a year-long study has shown that hate crime in Preston has increased rapidly in the last two years.

In that time period reported hate crime has risen by 250% in Preston, while across the Lancashire reports have risen from 936 cases to more than two thousand.

Several ideas have been put forward to try and tackle a rise in this type of crime, including employing a ‘hate crime champion’ that will promote anti-hate crime.

Currently, attacks on sub-alternative cultures like Goths are not recorded in the same category as a hate crime.

Sophie Lancaster died at 20-years-old in Preston just over a decade ago, in an attack that was motivated by her and her boyfriend dressing as Goths.

Five teenage boys attacked Sophie and boyfriend Robert Maltby, leaving her in a coma that she was unable to wake from.

Police and Sophie’s family have contributed to the study over the last 12 months and have encouraged Preston Council to take a proactive stance on this issue.

Whether or not sub-cultures will be included within the hate crime category remains to be seen.

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