Preston Comic-Con: Celebrating Geek-hood!

Geek culture is changing. It appears now, that being a geek, or being a nerd is something to be proud of.

Gone are the days when geeks and nerds had to hide away in darkened rooms or in their parent’s basement while playing Dungeons and Dragons.

Instead, they are loud and proud on social media, easily identifiable in public with Pop Culture merchandise on display; whether it is in the form of a Batman t-shirt, a that small Star Trek badge or even a GOT keychain.

Or less subtly you might find them in full costume, at an event such as the one many attended at the weekend.

The weekend saw the return of the Preston Comic-Con.

This celebration of all things geek, nerd, and anything that holds Pop Culture value, just shows how acceptable it is to be passionate about a television show, novel, book, game, or any other form of entertainment media.

Rather than hiding in the shadows, passions are on display for everyone to see, whether it be superheroes, gothic comics, Japanese manga or any Pop Culture hero, it’s so loud and proud.

Now, as passionate as I am about certain pop culture events and icons, attending this event was something of an eye-opener for me.

Some may call this strange, but I can only say what a wonderful exhibition Comic-Con was. Celebrating being yourself and enjoying what makes you happy.

Jamie Wade

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