Huge Fracking Protests In Preston!

A large demonstration took place in Preston over the weekend, protesting the sentencing of three men last week.

Richard Roberts, Simon Blevins and Richard Loizou were all given jail time of over a year for protesting fracking at Caudrilla’s Preston New Road site.

The sentencing is a landmark case, as it saw the first ever jailing for protesting fracking.

Platon Loizou, Rich Loizou’s father, who joined the demonstration, said:

‘I’m amazed that so many people have come from so far just to show their support. These boys went on a demonstration, there was no violence, there was no damage and they ended up getting a 15 and 16-month sentence. It is unbelievable.’

Signs reading ‘Free The Three’ and ‘Free all Fracktivists’ were being carried through Preston city centre during the demonstration.

Anti-fracking campaigner, Leigh Coghill, said:

‘It is an outrage and a scandal that three men are currently sat behind bars for the supposed crime of public nuisance for sitting quietly on top of a lorry.

‘This is an emergency: fracking is imminent, our opposition has been broad and unrelenting, and individuals such as the frack-free four decided to take civil disobedience because democracy has been exhausted. Their imprisonment is inappropriate, not in the public interest, and an appeal is ongoing.’

Anthony Gilmour

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