Man visited by police after telling woman off for parking in disabled spot.

Police visited disabled motorist Peter Simpson after he told off a woman for parking in a blue badge bay.

Peter, who lives in Windermere Road, Fulwood, recounted his story to the Lancashire Post.

He said he was parked in a disabled space outside the Tesco Express store next to the Anderton Arms off Longsands Lane, when a car pulled up at the side of him.

“I asked her if she realised it was a disabled space.

“She wasn’t displaying a blue badge.

“When she said ‘yes’ I said to her ‘you’re being a bit inconsiderate.’

“Next news I’ve got two officers on my front doorstep telling me off and not to do it again.

“They looked a bit embarrassed to say the least.”

Now the retired driver has criticised police for what he described as “a complete and utter waste of police time.”

“With police being so stretched because of cutbacks, it doesn’t make any sense for a senior officer to send two PCs round to give me a ticking off.”

Only days ago the police themselves complained about wasting valuable time after having to sort out a row between two South Ribble councillors when one used the F-word in a committee meeting.

Although the Lancashire Post enquired, a spokesman for Lancashire Police could not trace a record of the visit on the incident log.

Maria Jacovou

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