Brand new restaurant opens in Preston!

If you don’t now where Palm Court is, then I suggest you pay attention. Having been open for just over a month now the new restaurant is certainly kicking up a storm.

While the layout remains unchanged from its’ days as Tiggis, the décor certainly has. Now painted in lighter colours, it has an open feel while simultaneously feeling relaxed and easy-going.

I paid a visit at about 3:30pm in the middle of the week, and after glancing around everyone seemed to be enjoying their food. Having managed a cheeky peek into the kitchen I could see that it was spotless just like the rest of the restaurant. A promising start indeed.

I decided to order off their new set menu. For starters I ordered the goats cheese crostini and the tempura king prawns. The goats cheese crostini was sublime. The cheese was so smooth and was complimented well by the sweet chilli. Meanwhile I was surprised by the tempura king prawns. Visually they looked nothing like what I was expecting (they were battered), but yet they still looked enticing. Overall they had a slightly spicy kick due to the chilli but were still delicious.

For mains I decided to sample the pesto and herb spaghetti and the teriyaki North Sea salmon. The spaghetti was amazing. Faultless. Incredible. Out of this world. To die for. I’m beginning to run out of adjectives but you get the idea. The salmon was also delicious and a pleasant surprise as I wasn’t sure initially how the salmon and teriyaki combo would work. Ultimately my concerns were pointless because the combination were fantastic.

To finish off I just had to try a dessert, because how could I not? I eventually settled on the warm chocolate and raspberry brownie. The presentation was stunning and while it’s quite a sweet dessert, it was absolutely incredible. The brownie was of a perfect gooey consistency and was not dry at all. It was perfection.

Now, you may be thinking that’s all very well and good but what about the cost? Well don’t panic – three courses off the set menu will only set you back £15:95. Personally I could spend that and more on a takeaway, so getting three freshly made courses for that money I think is a steal considering the quality and tastiness of those dishes! To find out what else they have on offer you can find their menus here.

Maria Jacovou

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