SPOTLIGHT: Scare Kingdom Returns

Last night I attended a brand new attraction, or should I say a return of attraction; Scare Kingdom. It was an impressive return to form by the premier attraction of all scares.

Attended by a vast amount of celebrities, from Love islanders, to Celebrity Big Brother contestants, and numerous other reality TV show stars, there was something for everyone. Every single celebrity attending was allowed to go through the attraction. This meant that they all came out scared, horrified, and nearly wetting themselves. For myself, this meant an opportunity to interview a bunch of people scared out of their wits – See our Facebook page for more.

The attraction itself is something very niche. It is an attraction that allows an individual to become so terrified of their surroundings, actors, and possibilities that upon exit of the attraction they are sure to have been more scared than watching all of the horror films currently in the cinema or netflix. There are variety of experiences to behold at scare Kingdom. This includes a nightmare nurse experience, all the way to a Mystic Psychic that is sure to tell you a future that you wish not to behold.

It is delightful to see an attraction such as this so close to Preston. This attraction which is very fairly priced, allows visitors to indulge themselves in a scare a minute. Judging by the reception of the first night’s guests, the attraction is truly terrifying. With tickets available every night throughout October, there is an opportunity for every single person, over the age of 18, to experience a truly unique fright.

So, if you fancy a fright, or even just a night out with friends, take the chance and take the plunge to visit Scare Kingdom, a truly terrifying ordeal, but a brilliantly worthy ordeal to behold.

John Nicoll

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