Why The NHS Are HEROES, Not Villians!

The NHS is constantly getting a bad rap these days.

Whether it is for hospital waiting times, the lack of funding, or various wards being shut down or relocated, the NHS is being slated. Yet, let’s be honest, it’s the nurses and doctors that many people jump to blame.

Let’s scale it back a moment. The NHS at its core, is suffering a major funding crisis. This is shown in the lack of doctors and nurses, being overworked, many choosing to leave the NHS for private sector health services to ease their unreasonably high workload.

There is a lack of beds, something I have seen firsthand, with many loved ones having to spend many a night on trolleys instead of having a bed, due to the unavailability.

This is not the doctor’s, nurses or paramedics fault, who many patients and naysayers are quick to blame.

Instead, it is the fault of our current mindset. That services, such as health and education are able to function efficiently, on funding that was appropriate 10 years ago.

As the need for these services increase, so should the funding, but the current political climate seems to prefer to ignore the funding problem, claiming that they are unreasonable requests.

Another major issue that the brave frontline staff of the NHS face is the constant misuses of their services.

The fact that the NHS has had to spend incredible amounts on publicity trying to prevent minor ailments and illnesses attending A&E when it’s not necessary illustrates the problem. People are abusing the service which is creating problems like waiting times, not lazy doctors or nurses.

We’re one of the luckiest nations in the world.

We have a publicly funded healthcare system, something that many in countries such as America, would fight tooth and nail for.

We don’t have to worry about health insurance, or a lack of it meaning you can’t get treatment. Instead, I can rest easy knowing that if I break a bone, get in an accident or need to have lifesaving treatment, it’s there for me.

Instead of belittling the NHS, I believe we should be screaming at the top of our lungs to support our struggling, historic and vital service. They’re the heroes, not the villains.

Jamie Wade

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