Man Claims ‘Self-Defence’ After Killer Punch On Night Out!

A man that was involved in the killing of another man in Blackpool has claimed self-defence after a fatal punch.

David Easter is on trial at Preston Crown Court after being accused of the murder of Simon Marx on a night out.

The prosecution has claimed Marx was punched and then stamped on by Easter at the Newton Arms pub in the early hours of the morning on the 7th of October 2017.

The damage caused by Easter lead to a brain injury which would eventually cause Marx to die roughly 30 hours after the pub bust-up.

Easter stands trial alongside Steven Lane, who was said to have glassed Marx’s associate Rick Alston at the same venue in Blackpool.

The court heard from defendant Easter that Marx had asked him ‘to go outside’, which Easter believed was an invitation for a physical confrontation.

Easter stated to the court, ‘I said I’m not going outside with anybody. He said ‘right, we’ll do it here then’ and marched around the table towards me like a raging bull, with clenched fists, obviously coming to hit me.’

According to Easter, he felt as if he had no choice but to use his ‘survival instinct’ and he admits to having ‘lashed out in self-defence’.

Prosecutor Gordon Cole countered that the only two people to have been seriously affected by the clash were Simon Marx and Rick Alston.

‘These two people, one ends up with an injury from which he dies, and the other ends up with a cut to the head’, said Cole.

Easter then denied seeing a stamp on Marx or seeing Lane glass Alston in the same venue.

The court case will continue this week.

Anthony Gilmour

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