Is Disney Set To Kill Off Netflix?!

Netflix is not just a streaming service. It has become a cultural phenomenon.

We have seen it become the hub for binge-watching our favourite shows and films, it has become so ingrained in our society that ‘Netflix and chill’ has become an official date night activity.

Yet, it seems that the death tolls are sounding for the popular streaming service.

Many of you may know that the house of mouse, Disney, are preparing to launch their own streaming platform to rival Netflix.

You may be thinking that this is of no consequence to Netflix, yet, this could have devastating repercussions.

Disney, who has just purchased the FOX company, have just bought an entire catalogue of entertainment, prime for their streaming service…. and ready for removal from Netflix.

It is already widely known that Disney, who own various other companies, such as Marvel and Lucasfilm, will be removing these properties from the realm of Netflix in the coming two years.

It is confirmed that the last Marvel film to appear on Netflix will be ‘Ant Man and the Wasp’, meaning that any following Marvel productions will be premiering on the new, as yet unnamed streaming service.

With Disney reclaiming their properties, Netflix will lose a large chunk of their catalogue.

On top of this, other companies are also considering the move to streaming. With DVD sales plummeting and the rise in availability of streaming on multiple different platforms, companies are keen to grab a piece of the action.

With more studios and companies reclaiming their properties, could we be left with a husk of what Netflix was?

Is this why, in the last couple of years, there has been so much effort put into creating original content for the site, preparing for the departure of much of its catalogue of entertainment?

Whilst Netflix’s original shows have proved popular, with Stranger Things, 13 Reasons Why, Seven Deadly Sins and more all being widely watched, can the streaming service survive without the heavy weight titles they allow for viewing from other production companies?

Only the future will tell, but for now, enjoy the golden era of being able to binge-watch Friends and How I Met Your Mother, before its too late.

Jamie Wade

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