Leyland Celebrates Iconic Landmark Anniversary!

Leyland has been celebrating the 1st birthday of an iconic landmark, which has been designed to celebrate the town’s history.

Bobby, a 15ft tall Horse that was the brainchild of building merchant C & W Berrys and designer David Palmer, was created just over a year ago.

David Palmer and his team at DP Structures in Nelson, Lancashire, built the horse as a ‘reflective of the role the horse and cart played in Leyland’s evolution as a market town’.

Collin Berry, the founder of C & W Berrys, was extremely proud of the creation as it helped to bring together businesses and charities on the building of Bobby.

The horseshoes were donated by Chorley blacksmith Rob Golder and were used to create a feature in certain panels of the Bobby sculpture.

While the Ulnes Walton Bridleways Association provided a ton of horseshoes as well as an idea of how Bobby would be a fitting representation of Leyland.

Janet Berry, one of the founders of the UWBA explains, ‘our link to Bobby is that we had the original idea. We provided a ton of used horseshoes for the Project and were asked to name him.’

‘He is larger and grander than we could ever have imagined and we love him. The link to C&W Berry is fantastic and what I had hoped for from the outset. I had asked for us to sponsor the original idea, so this is the icing on the cake.’.

Local politicians have also praised the project as we reach the 1st anniversary of Bobby’s unveiling.

Councillor Mick Titherington said, ‘What a fantastic addition to the town our Bobby is. He’s our ‘Angel of the North’ and is destined to be an iconic landmark in Lancashire.’

While Councillor Phil Smith, Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Leisure, added, ‘Bobby has already been really popular with our residents, with lots of people saying the sculpture makes them proud to live in Leyland.’

Anthony Gilmour

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