What Your Halloween Costume Says About You!

It’s that time of year again when the more monster-loving members of our society can get ghouled-up and celebrate Halloween.

So I’ve decided to break down some of 2018’s likely go-to costumes come this Halloween.

The Bedsheet Ghost:
Look, this is a classic. You’re either a student and you’re broke, or you just simply can’t be bothered finding a costume. Grab your nearest unsoiled (preferably) bedsheet, whack a couple of eye holes in it and boom, you’ve got yourself a costume.

Just be prepared for all of the mocking and tuts from those dressed in full cosplay or costumes that have taken the week to actually prepare.

The Classic Horror Villain
It might be the slasher from Scream, Freddie or Jason, but every one of these is the same. They’re out to impress with their Horror knowledge, eager to try and get a fright out of any young child or gullible adult they can find. Usually found in the darkest recesses of clubs whacking out a frightening array of dance moves, they may try to encourage others to take pictures with them.

Some may even use their costume to start up the classic ‘fancy a drink’ conversation. If you are the horror villain, remember, take off your mask before you go home, or they may think they’re you’re next victim, rather than date.

The Sexy Anything
This includes the countless undead ‘sexy’ nurses, policewomen, nuns and anything else. This isn’t just targeted at women, it includes the men who have decided to use the occasion to whip their tops off and bare all, in an attempt to impress possible romantic conquests.

These guys and gals are usually found freezing in the smoking shelter, the guys with blue nipples battling with the cold, and the girls constantly bouncing up and down to keep warm.

The Cosplayer
For these guys, Halloween is the big one. Like playing Glastonbury for an aspiring music band. These guys are prepping all year, going to conventions, carefully training in the ways of costume making and performance. These guys have made their costumes based on their favourite video games, movies or manga and they are ready to strut their stuff.

Whether it be a full-on Halo Spartan Armour, Harley Quinn costume or Jedi uniform, these guys are out to celebrate their one night of freedom in which they can wear their costumes out in public, without being looked at funny. If you go home with one, be prepared to wake up next to them still in their costume. They never want to take the costume off!

The Bond/Bond Girl
These are the guys and girls that have decided that they can’t be arsed making a costume. Instead, they’ve decided to glam up in a suit or a dress and labelled it Bond-Worthy. Usually found in single gentleman or ladies, they’ve decided to go for class instead of sex-factor, but that means that they often look pompously down on any costume designed to ooze sex appeal.

Sure to try some Bond lines throughout the night, mostly at the bar, these party goers are more like Johnny English than James Bond, as the alcohol hits.

Jamie Wade

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