Banks Fined For Pro-Brexit Emails!

Brexiteer Arron Banks has been fined a total of £135,000 after being accused of breaking campaign rules during the 2016 referendum.

Banks, who owns and insurance firm operating as GoSkippy, received a £60,000 fine for sending marketing materials to Leave.EU subscribers.

This was deemed as a massive breach in the public’s privacy, ironically being in violation of the EU’s GDPR laws.

A further £75,000 fine was slapped on the Leave.EU group for also sending out ‘Leave-supporting’ emails to Bank’s insurance company customers.

Another investigation is still taking place by the National Crime Agency, who are investigating the source of a reported £8 million that was donated to pro-Brexit groups.

According to BuzzFeed the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) said in a report, ‘We have concerns about the overall management of the data within the company [Eldon], particularly about the arrangements for sharing personal data handled by the company and its associates.’

‘We have evidence to show that customers’ personal data, in the form of email addresses, held by Eldon was accessed by staff working for Leave.EU and was used to unlawfully send political marketing messages.’

Anthony Gilmour

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