Emergency Services ‘Have Worked Hard’ To Control Fires During Bonfire Night!

It has been reported that emergency services attended more than 135 incidents across Lancashire during last night’s bonfire celebrations.

In those incidents includes an attack on a Preston Police car by youths, which involved the vehicle having an egg and fireworks launched at it.

12 more incidents were reported in Preston alone, including youths setting fire to bins and children accidentally starting a fire in their own back garden.

A spokesman for the Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service said, ‘Mostly, people have paid attention to our advice on how to enjoy Bonfire Night safely, including attending organised bonfire and firework events.

‘In some cases people have set bonfires that have got out of control and become a hazard to people and property.

‘In other cases the fire was, sadly, intended to do some damage. Firefighters have worked hard to ensure that the public and their property were kept out of harm’s way throughout the weekend and Bonfire Night.’

Anthony Gilmour

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