Has PC Culture Gone Too Far?

Are we too sensitive?

Recently, we’ve discovered that certain things that were taken for the norm, that were inoffensive to anyone are now, in fact, raging political issues.

These things range from mansize tissues, gingerbread men and all the way to snowmen.

It appears that the age of political correctness just goes on and on, seeking new victims every day.

Now, those of you that read my articles regularly will know that I do not hide away from the controversial issues.

The latest controversy is whether or not we are going too far with trying to make everything politically correct?

Gone are the days when the Yorkie slogan ‘Not For Girls’ was acceptable.

Fair enough, I could understand the argument that it excluded girls. It was changed and yet the issue still stains the chocolate bar’s reputation.

However, when it comes to the recent end of the man-size Kleenex tissues, I start to wonder whether or not we have become too sensitive for our own good?

Piers Morgan, the host of ITV’s Good Morning Britain, made the point that actually maybe we are becoming far too sensitive.

Given that we now have to change the word ‘man’ to people in every use. He used the example of Snowmen. ‘Are we to call them Snowpeople now?’ He asked.

It’s very rare that I agree with Piers Morgan, but right now, I do seem to think that we are becoming a little bit too serious for our own good.

What next? Are we going to start calling Manchester, Peoplechester? Are we going to start calling human beings hu-people beings?

It seems that for whatever reason, everything has to change to be politically correct.

I understand the need for change and for progress, to stop prejudice, discrimination and division.

But, calling for an end for using the term man-size, when biologically speaking, men are usually bigger than women, I think it’s ridiculous.

As we come to the Christmas period, are we going to have to change Father Christmas to something like Person Christmas?

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