3 Young Men Cause Damage In City Centre During Memorial Weekend Commemorations

A bus stop in Preston has been vandalised.

Preston Police posted an update earlier this morning (11th) showing pictures of the damage that’s taken place on North Road and Lancaster Road North.

The update said;

“Sadly last night #Team5IR attended a report of criminal damage. In total three bus stops and a telephone kiosk were completely destroyed by mindless selfish vandals.”

“The damage caused will disrupt service to innocent bus users, be a risk to public safety and cost the council money which could be spent on more valuable and important things in our society”.

“We will never understand why these individuals felt the need to deface the city in which they live, to achieve nothing”.

Thankfully #Team5IR officers were close by and any available office and custody staff were able to leave the nearby police station on foot to assist in detaining and arresting three of the offenders.

The three youths, who were found in possession of a golf club and other incriminating items are now sat awaiting interview in police custody.

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