Are You A Single On The Hunt This Cuffing Season?

It’s that time of year again; Cuffing season is upon us.

For those of you unaware of the annual phenomenon that takes place this time of year, it’s where guys and girls try and find a boyfriend or girl just for Christmas.

You know that gnawing feeling when you’re single during the festive period?

When all of your friends are doing ‘couple stuff’, like visiting the Christmas Markets, planning their festive commitments to fit in both families and ensuring they can fit in as much cuddling with coco as possible?

Well, that’s a sign that you could be the next victim of cuffing season.

You find yourself looking for a relationship at every opportunity, so as not to be the one person (in your head at least) that’s alone at Christmas.

By alone, I mean surrounded by loving family, yet you feel as loved as Brussel Sprouts on Christmas Day.

Even people you’ve mentioned to your friends that are ‘definitely not your type’ become potential cuffing partners.

You’ll find yourself going through your mind, mentally swiping left and right at potential short term partners.

Cuffing season ends after the 12th day of Christmas. Like the decorations that are taken down, the cuffing relationships are also quickly torn down.

People remember rational thought; no longer do they feel the need to have a partner to sing ‘The Fairytale of New York’ with.

Instead, couples who embarked on a relationship during cuffing season tend to de-cuff themselves and continue in their normal lives. A bit like the moment when the transfer window in football opens, the relationship transfer window opens just as quickly.

Don’t forget that other important date however, December 15th, transfer deadline day, when all relationship dealings must be complete, or like all the Sitcoms say, you’re stuck in that relationship until the transfer window reopens on January 6th.

Good luck out there!

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