Forget Brexit And The Weather, I’m A Celeb Is On!

It’s like being back in the Summer when the Strongbow Dark Fruits was flowing, the sun was shining and England was bringing football home.

Except, this time, there’s a lack of beer gardens and sun.

Yet, I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here has reproduced the unity across the entire country that we saw during July’s World Cup.

Families and singletons alike are settled on the sofa each night at 9pm ready to see the latest Bush Tucker trial involving the unfortunate celebrity who has to go through the ordeal.

Call me old-fashioned, but I like the fact we still have our old habits of television spectacles.

The X Factor has died a death. Love Island is divisive. (I’ve still never seen an episode) Strictly was never a whole nation spectacle.

No, instead, the one show that can still people together is one about dropping moderately famous people in a jungle and poking them with a publicly encouraged (and voted) stick.

With the current sabbatical Ant seems to be taking from ITV to focus on his personal life, Holly Willoughby has stepped in to fill the sizeable gap alongside Dec.

Whilst seeming rather wooden during the opening show, she seems to be entering into her element. Comic timing is improving and the show is benefiting from it.

We’ve yet to find a villain in any of the campmates yet, at the moment everyone is seemingly getting on very well.

Anne Hegarty is showing strength in her choice to go into the jungle despite her struggles with Asperger’s Syndrome.

Nick Knowles has shown his golden heart by offering his therapy pillow to assist Anne in her sleep.

John Barrowman continues to show how fabulous the jungle can be and Harry Redknapp seems to be revelling in his nighttime storytelling sessions.

Hopefully, the introduction of Noel Edmonds as the Emperor will be the prod of controversy the show needs.

Early favourites to win have to be Anne, should she choose not to walk away from the jungle, John as the camp action man, or Nick Knowles as the ever popular nice guy. Those are my early bets, but who knows, anything could happen!

The next three weeks, it’s on every night. At least for that time, I can reminisce about the good times of Summer, through watching celebrities put themselves through hell!

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