Robin Hood Retelling Is A Hit!

A classic legend, Robin Hood has returned to the big screen; this time fronted by Taron Egerton in the titular role.

Many will still remember, though having probably never seen, the Russell Crowe film of the same name, released 8 years prior.

This film steps into a new realm with regards to the legend. With supporting cast members including Jamie Foxx as the Arabian John, Tim Minchin playing comedic relief Friar Tuck and Ben Mendelsohn taking on the villainous role of the Sheriff of Nottingham, the film has a stellar cast.

Coupled with the new take on the classic tale, the film breathes new air into a thousand-year-old legend.

The story opens telling the time-old tale of Robin of Locksley and Marian, until one day, the Sheriff of Nottingham drafts him into the Third Crusade in Arabia.

Following certain events that lead to Robin returning to England, discovering that Locksley and the people are being pillaged for the war effort.

Being a reluctant hero, Robin takes to the night and becomes the legend we all know, but with numerous twists and turns, utilising well-known characters within the legend in new and surprising ways.

Egerton’s performance is suave and stylish, making Robin a man of the people, whilst having the hard edge to be a thief of the night.

The wise oversight from Foxx’s John makes for great chemistry between the two actors, shown throughout the film.

Unlike most tellings of the legend, this film makes use of modern anachronisms to make it relevant to the modern audience. Arrow fights are reminiscent of shootouts shown in films such as Private Ryan. Uniforms and attire worn by the characters are vaguely recognisable as being styled on modern war combat armour.

True, this ruins the historical nature of the film but breathes new life into a tale that has been told maybe too many times.

A truly great retelling of a tale as old as time, particularly with the excellent casting, this film, whilst not being one of the major blockbuster contenders is a must watch; or at least a decent stopgap until the new year hits.

Jamie Wade

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