Mental Health Expert’s Advice For Black Friday Deals!

The Christmas shopping rush is somewhat of a British past-time, as shoppers try to get done earlier and earlier only to still be looking for stocking-fillers on Christmas Eve.

A tradition starting the United States, Black Friday, has given us a new period of shopping sales to get bigger and better deals, even before those Christmas Michael Buble songs start to play out.

But why is Black Friday so impactful? Psychology Today believe the “Time-Limited” sales and “Buy Now!” attitude to the seasonal event makes us feel we can’t miss out on unmissable opportunities.

By offering short-term discounts it reduces our thinking time to decide whether we actually need or even afford a product. Getting a cracking deal releases endorphins which are a chemical in our brains which tells us we’re feeling good.

Adrenaline also raises as we unconsciously compete against other shoppers as we want to get the best savings before someone else steals them from us. So what do the people of Preston think about Black Friday?

One retail worker I’ve spoken to called Daniel said that Black Friday ‘Causes consumer stress and leads to unnecessary working hours.

Another store worker said, ‘It’s great for high streets and the city.

‘The hours are quite tough though and there’s sometimes people fighting over products’.

It’s no secret that stores lay on more staff each year to accommodate the volume of sale-hunters, but many staff struggle with long hours and sometimes aggressive customers.

Some good advice for braving the sales and queues is to time-limit yourself.

Try to allocate a few hours to spend in the busy shopping environment, then when time is up get out of there. Spending too much time in highly populated crowds jostling for deals can increase our stress and even provoke anxiety.

Also, consider, do you need to go running around shops first thing in the morning? Is it so important to queue out for a shop to open? All these factors contribute to our stress and the stress of the employees who undoubted will spend evening recovering from the chaos readying to do it all again.

If you are going ahead with Black Friday shopping hopefully, you find your deals to make the Christmas shopping season a little easier on the old bank account.

But, remember that your welfare is more important than any 50% off offer. Also spare some patience for those having to work through this period who will be working extended, high-intensity hours all day; possibly until January.

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