Do Vitamins Help During Flu Season?

Cold and flu season is here. At least according to the number of coughs, splutters and sneezes I hear in my local.

Being a teacher, I’m used to being surrounded by numerous illnesses, yet, this year, it seems that the winter cold bug is hitting hard and fast.

The number of pupils I see missing from class, the number of friends I see having a day off to recover from the irrepressible head cold or those that have caught the dreaded man-flu (if it’s still politically correct to call it that); there’s no escape.

Currently, the cupboard is full of Vitamin C tablets and Echinacea thanks to my mum, trying to fend off viral illness through her receptacle of a son.

Whether this works or not remains to be seen. When I started the new regiment of popping pills, I was already suffering from the darkest symptoms of man-flu; the inability to do anything. You can imagine how useful I was teaching, with no voice and no patience. Though, to great aplomb, the kids dealt with me and my foul mood.

Who knows whether the winter flu bug this year will be the strain that is in the flu jab or one of the hundred other different strains.

The point I’m trying to make is that whilst winter is a wonderful time that gives us the festive period. But, it also gives us colds, rain and darkness. Either that or I’m just missing Summer!

Jamie Wade

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