‘No Tattoos’, ‘Buying Snacks’ and ‘Being A Trump Fan’ – Mother’s Demand For Babysitter!

A Mum from the United States of America has come up with a ridiculous list of requirements, as she looks for a new babysitter.

The anonymous mother posted a list of 14 requirements, including the would-be babysitter not having any tattoos and needing to be a Trump fan.

According to the job posting on Facebook, the successful applicant will get $10 per hour ‘under the table’, which apparently is more like paying $15 as you won’t have to pay tax.

Understandably there hasn’t been a great deal of positive responses and we’ll doubt many care provider will be desperate for the £8 an hour salary.

Oh, and out of that $10/£8 per hour salary, the mother will expect the babysitter to pay for snacks. What a deal.

You can see the full list of details below, although we would probably advise anyone interested to check out the Job Centre first.

Anthony Gilmour

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