Preston Indoor Market Offers Ready Cooked Christmas Meats!

Redmans of Preston is making life a little easier for holiday cooks this year, as they offer cooked meats ready for Christmas day.

The popular Indoor Market store has been very popular this winter thanks to their new Yorkshire Pudding wrap and traditionally styled bacon.

Now the grocers, run by Sandra Steele, are offering customers the chance to pick up a turkey crown or leg of lamb ready for Christmas.

The stall has been taking orders over the last month for their cooked Christmas turkeys, pork lions, leg of lambs, gammons and beef joints.

Cooks that realise they will already be surrounded with potato peels and hyperactive kids are preparing by allowing Redmans to do some of the work for them.

Prices are ranging from £10 for ‘Cooked Beef’ to £30 for a ‘Cooked Leg of Lamb’, or £20 for a traditional ‘Cooked Turkey Crown’.

Interested parties can contact Redmans directly on Facebook to see what offers will be left after their popularity in the last few weeks. Or, go down to Preston’s Indoor Market and ask over the counter.

Anthony Gilmour

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