Court Hears Former Policeman Refused To Perform CPR On 88-Year-Old Mother!

A former Preston Policeman continues his trial today, claiming he could not resuscitate his mother for fear of breaking her ribs.

John Green is on trial for the murder of his 88-year-old mother after he apparently had discovered her passed away at their home on Inkerman Street, Preston.

The defence lawyer Michael Hayton QC asked Green what he did when he found his mother’s body.

Green said, ‘I composed myself, well initially I tried to wake her up. I held her face, just gently rocked her but her neck wouldn’t move. I called ‘Mum’ a couple of times.’

According to reports heard in Preston Crown Court, Green had called 999 and was advised to attempt resuscitation but had refused.

When asked why he refused to follow the advice Green said, ‘You couldn’t do it – she was almost a statue. I couldn’t have got her flat on the floor to start with.

‘There’s no way you could have laid her flat, or if I had tried to do some compressions I’d have broken every rib in her rib cage.’

As a former policeman, it is very likely that Green had the appropriate first-aid training to have applied CPR.

The trial is expected to continue this week.

Anthony Gilmour

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